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 Book Review Editor:

Book Review Editor:

Bro. Shawn M. Gorley is an officer in Wilmington Lodge #804, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. A member of Delta Chapter #170 Royal Arch Masons and Hiram Council #45 Royal and Select Master Masons.  He is a certified Master Masonic Scholar in the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge, a registered speaker with the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, a Featured Writer for The Working Tools Masonic Magazine, a Book Review Editor for Bonisteel Masonic Library/Rising Point International Masonic Review, as well as a Book Editor for Lewis Masonic. He is also the owner and publisher of the Masonic Blog “Driven by Light” at www.drivenbylight.net




Bro. Alex Lundberg has 18 years of experience writing for newspapers around the metro Detroit area. He is the co-author of "Detroit's Masonic Temple" in the Arcadia "Portraits of America" series. He was raised in 2002 and served as WM of his lodge, Detroit Lodge No. 2, in 2008. He lives with his wife and son in Farmington Hills, Mi.

"Freemasonry is an educational institution!" George Peter was passionate about education and the learning process. Many of the essays in this book are about the need for education. They include writings about or on Leadership, one's Personal search for knowledge and diverse Masonic subjects. The charge of the ancients was to Know Thyself. As you experience the writings of George Peter, you may grow in an understanding of yourself and possibly understand what he came to call the "Power and Passion" of Freemasonry.
Thomas Dunckerley is a late eighteenth-century icon of British Freemasonry; his story is a fascinating morality tale of self-invention and self-deception. Climbing to the highest echelons of the order, and long-accepted as something of a hero, the reality of Dunckerley’s life is very different from the version recorded by his nineteenth-century biographers.

The Mysteries of John the Baptist: His Legacy in Gnosticism, Paganism, and Freemasonry Tobias Churton

Few Freemasons today understand why the most significant date in the Masonic calendar is June 24th--the Feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist and the traditional date for appointing Grand Masters. Nor do many of them know that Masons used to be known as “St. John’s Men” or that John the Baptist was fundamental to the original Masonic philosophy of personal transformation.

The Invisible History Of The Rosicrucians: The World's Most Mysterious Secret Society By Tobias Churton

The first complete historical and philosophical investigation into the “invisible fraternity” of the Rosicrucians.

Taken By Surprise by Yasha Beresiner

Never again will a Freemason be caught out by a last-minute request to make a response. Should you be given just a few moments to prepare for a speech, you will readily be able to locate, within the pages of this book, a statement that will allow you to enhance any short comment you make, giving it immediate relevance.
Taken by Surprise contains a complete set of instantly adaptable quotes suitable for any Masonic toast or response and is perfectly sized to fit discretely in a pocket or bag. Written in the inimitable style of professional speech maker and public speaker, Yasha Beresiner, author of the best-selling Masonically Speaking - which means that each and every response is witty, entertaining and easy to perform.
ISBN 9780853184133 Soft back, 112 pages

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge By Dr. David Harrison

This long awaited new book by Masonic historian Dr. David Harrison traces the strange tale of the last great Masonic rebellion in England which occurred in 1823. The rebellion which started in Liverpool, sent shock waves through Freemasonry in England, which had only unified ten years previously. The rebellion was set against the backdrop of revolt and radicalism in England during the early nineteenth century, and the book reveals a story full of Dickensian intrigue and skulduggery as the rebel Freemasons tried to resurrect the 'Antient' Grand Lodge. This fascinating new book is a must for readers who enjoyed Harrison's previous two works The Genesis of Freemasonry and The Transformation of Freemasonry, and will be enjoyed by both Freemasons and general readers alike.

Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy By Von Sebottendorff Baron Rudolf

Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff (1875-1945) was a Freemason and practitioner of alchemy. In 1900 he moved to Turkey where he met the Jewish Termudi family, who introduced him to Rosicrucianism and led to his initiation into a local Masonic lodge. In 1910 he founded a lodge of the Bektashi Order in Constantinople. Returning to Germany, in 1917 he founded the Thule Society, an occult organization that led to the German Workers’ Party--joined in 1919 by Adolf Hitler, who transformed it into the Nazi Party. Sebottendorff left the Thule Society as it became increasingly political, fleeing to Turkey. Translator Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Germanic languages and medieval studies from the University of Texas at Austin and studied the history of occultism at the University of Göttingen, Germany. The author of more than two dozen books, including Lords of the Left-Hand Path, he lives near Austin, Texas.

I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this fine book, I loved it. Brother Osman tells his remarkable story coming from a one day class Mason to an educated and well respected writer and presenter of Masonic topics. The book covers a hot topic in Freemasonry in which in most cases a one day class Mason is looked down upon for not going through the degrees the traditional way. What he has become since is incredible and he proves the point very well that it is not how you come in to the craft but what you do with it once you are in. Osman shoots from the hip with his opinions and words which I found quite refreshing. This book is not only a must read for all one day classers but the rest of the Brethren to open their eyes that it really is important what you do once you join, not how you join. Great job Brother Osman! (Bro. Shawn M. Gorley)

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