How the Scottish Rite Come to Michigan


*   Stephen Morin secures a patent signed by officers of both the Council of Emperors and the Grand Lodge of France, constituting him Inspector General of North America and giving him powers to appoint and create deputies. He sails for Port au Prince, San Domingo, and soon after to Kingston, Jamaica, where, in


*   He appointed Henry Andrew Francken a Deputy Inspector General. Francken confers a like honor upon Moses M. Hayes and Hayes does likewise on others.


*   The noted Constitutions and regulations are drawn up by nine Commissioners at Bordeaux.


*   Francken organizes a Lodge of Perfection at Albany, New York. This body still retains its old charter and minute book.


*   Francken returns to Jamaica and we find him with a Morin Patent establishing the first Grand Council of the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret in the Western Hemisphere.


*   Lodge of perfection opened at Charleston S.C., by Isaac DaCosta (appointed by Hayes). Organization of a Lodge of Perfection in the Northern Jurisdiction therefore precedes a like organization in the Southern Jurisdiction by 16 years.


*   Grand Council Princes of Jerusalem, organized at Charleston.


*   Sublime Council of Princes of the Royal Secret established at Charleston.


*   The Council at Kingston, Jamaica, recognizes the council at Charleston.


*   Form Mother Supreme Council of the World at Charleston, controlling in all 30 degrees.


*   Antoine Bideand (appointed by De Grasse Tilley who had his patent from Charleston) comes to New York and confers degrees upon J.J.J. Gourgas.


*   Emanuel de la Motta, third ranking officer of the Charleston Supreme Council visits New York and helps Gourgas establish the Second Supreme Council in the United States.


*   Gourgas reorganizes Northern Supreme Council.


*   Council moves Grand East to Boston.


*   Schism created by Grand Commander Raymond, he leading one faction and Lieutenant Grand Commander Van Rensselaer the other.


*   Dispensation granted to brethren in Detroit by the Van Rensselaer Council to conduct a Lodge of perfection and a Chapter of Rose Croix.


*   Charters were granted to Carson lodge of Perfection, Carson Council, Princes of Jerusalem, Mt. Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix and Michigan Sovereign Consistory at Detroit, Michigan, and this same session Brother D. Burnham Tracy was made a member of the Van Rensselaer Supreme Council and Deputy for the State of Michigan. In 1862 Reverend Francis A. Blake was made a Sublime Prince, and in 1863 an active member of the Supreme Council.


*   Revived Raymond Council institutes a Grand Consistory in Michigan and elevates Abraham T. Metcalf to Active membership.


*   Raymond and Van Rensselaer Councils unite; Actives from Michigan are Tracy, Blades, Metcalf and Rufus W. Landon.


*   Establish Scottish Rite in the Valley of grand Rapids.


*   Within the State of Michigan there resided, according to the best information available, 18 Sov. Gr. Inspectors General 33and 238 S.P.R.S. 32� are member of Michigan Sovereign Consistory.


*   Establish Scottish Rite in Valley of Bay City.


*   Metcalf becomes Deputy for Michigan. The Rite is established in the Valley of Marquette.

Source: From Michigan Masonic Tracing Board 1976 p. 44

Henry Andrew Francken, born in Holland in 1720, was naturalized an English subject in March 1758 at Kingston where he arrived a year earlier. He came to North America in August 1767 where he stayed two years before sailing back to Jamaica. He died at Kingston, 20 May 1795.

Moses Michael Hays father, Judah Hays, came from Holland to America at the beginning of the 18th C. He "is of record December 2, 1735, as a Freeman in New York City, which gave him the right, as a naturalized Jew, to engage in business as a merchant". He married Rebecca Michels. Their first child, Reyna, married Abraham de Isaac Touro of Newport (R. I.). Moses Michael, born in New York City, 9 May 1739, their eldest son and second child, was a watchmaker. The first we know of his masonic life is the patent he received from Francken appointing him Deputy Inspector, 6 December 1768, and the Warrant he received from Harison appointing him Master of King David's Lodge in New York City, 23 February 1769. He was elected Grand Master of the Massachusetts Grand Lodge of Ancient Masons, 6 June 1788, and remained in office until March 1792. He died at Boston, 9 May 1805.

Source: Photo

Moses Michael Hays Lodge, A.F. & A.M

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